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This is Spiritual Healing with the beautiful use of gem crystals, minerals, metals and gem vibrational essences. It takes healing to a much deeper level and can help to dig out the most stubborn of entrenched energy patterns and attachments, transforming your energy fields to a state of calm, realigning and restoring you to your original energy blueprint.

As the human body is made up of crystalline structures, it is believed this is why Crystal Healing is so compatible with our physical structure, allowing the interchange of subtle energy as healing is channelled through you.


Crystals have also proved invaluable in clearing psychic attachments including spirit beings and ghost forms, ancestral ties and any other interfering forces (see Soul Rescue Healing page). Jane is spiritually Guided to the correct layout of crystals and has access to a huge selection of beautiful Grade A specimens, collected over the years (from her now retired retail business Pendragon Crystals). 

Excellent for deep stress problems of all kinds which can easily lead to physical and mental illness, (as listed on the Spiritual Healing page), for tackling existing disease processes, but also deeper problems at a profound level which cannot always be identified but which are really preventing personal progress (see Soul Rescue Healing page).


For general information on energy healing see main Appointment Info tab.

N.B. None of Jane's therapies require you to undress. However, unless this is uncomfortable for you, you will be invited to rest on a therapy couch, under a warm blanket.

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