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Sound penetrates the body and energy system like no other vibration. In trained hands it can help to relieve pain and discomfort, release emotional pain and stress, still the mind and help you feel grounded and aligned.


On a more profound level it can alter your consciousness to connect you to deep spiritual frequencies, be used for meditation and transform your whole being. The Earth Gong is an especially effective instrument to ground and realign your energy fields and help you let go of the effects of everyday stresses. In addition, the Moon Gong and Drums are excellent at releasing the hold of negativity and historic imprinting from the fabric of a building (see Spiritus Exit tab).

Jane has also developed sound techniques to loosen psychic attachments to the body and its energy fields. She owns a full range of sound tools: from tuning forks, drums, rattles, chimes, bells, antique Tibetan Bowls and a Chakra set of Crystal Bowls, to the mighty Earth and Moon Gongs! Also, you can be taught to use your voice as a self-healing tool at home through chanting. 


For swift penetrative energy shifts, stress release and transforming stuck energy and blocked internal frequencies. Also, particularly helpful in energy clearing of buildings and land as well as working powerfully with Crystal and Spiritual Healing.


Sound Healing Sherborne
Sound Healing Sherborne

N.B. None of Jane's therapies require you to undress. However, unless this is uncomfortable for you, you will be invited to rest on a therapy couch, under a warm blanket.

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