Spiritual Guidance Readings ~


These spiritual and psychic Readings are offered to help you find insight and support when ordinary answers have proved unhelpful, or you are looking for confirmation from another level. According to English law they are "for entertainment purposes only" but are nevertheless offered sincerely, with a deeply developed personal belief in the ability of the Spirit Realm to communicate.


Jane has worked as a Channel, with clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience for over 30 years, but grew up knowing she was naturally psychic - which wasn't much fun at the time! She has also trained formally in psychic development as well as doing much personal healing and work, to be able to be as clear a Channel as possible.


Because of the strength of Jane’s energy, Readings can sometimes have a healing effect which may cause emotions or negativity to be released, or energies to be realigned. This is perfectly normal and any concerns can be discussed after the appointment. As mentioned in the video, you may feel a bit tired afterwards as your body and mind readjusts to the new frequencies in your energy system, but if it does happen, you should easily bounce back the next day.


A typical appointment looks at the year ahead using cards and Channelling techniques. If Jane feels the need to use Trance Channelling for more profound questions, she will explain this process and a client has the freedom to choose or refuse this method. Other types of Reading may look at just 6 months ahead, or explore individual questions, energy readings of the human body (to determine any areas where your psychic or physical energy health is below par), Past Life exploration, understanding your Spirit Guides, and so on.

Appointments usually last for one hour. Cards based on the Tarot are often used to assist your Reading, which is recorded straight onto a CD for you to take home – although the recording cannot be guaranteed if (in the rare event) the Channelling energy causes electrical interferences, so notes or your own recording may be made if wished.

Readings can also be given via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp. You will need to record this yourself or take notes. Payment in advance by bank transfer arranged before the appointment.


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Clients are wholly responsible for any decisions made as a result of the words given, but it is hoped the information will prove helpful to you as you go forward to meet any challenging, or indeed positive, times in your life. Such information is only applicable as things stand at the time of your appointment. The future is fluid and can be easily altered or redirected, especially with our Divine gift of free will. The nature and depth of the information depends on your own understanding of the spiritual nature of life, according to your Soul’s personal evolution. Therefore you will only receive that which is right for you to receive at any given time and please note the level of Spirit that Jane channels will not give answers that are inappropriate.