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   All appointments are £75 per hour.

  • Appointments available Monday to Saturday

  • The 1st healing therapy session requires 2 hours but is discounted

  • Healing appointments are either 1 hour long, or a 2 hour Intensive, depending on need

  • Spiritual Guidance Readings can be either 30 minutes or 1 hour

  • Private tuition charged per hour. If shared with friends, reduced rates apply

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Other Fees ~

  •   Discounted price* for 2 hour Intensive Healing appointments                              £130

             *discount does not apply for home visits, so full price at:                                             £150

             If home visit is more than 30 mins drive, travel & time cost is added                  £50

  •   Spiritual Guidance Readings, 30 minutes                                                                       £40

  •   Online appointments must be paid in advance by bank transfer                               Apply for details                                

  •   Paranormal investigation call-out and/or Psychic Assessment                          £75 - 150                up to 2 hours - assessment only, for full healing/clearing see below                                                   Remote Viewing Assessment, written report via email                                              £75 - 150  

            Remote Viewing property details before buying/renting                                           £20 per 15mins

  •    Call-out and House Healing, Jane only. (See Spiritus Exit, below)                  £350

  •     Spiritus Exit -

               Services of Jane Butterworth and Elizabeth Taylor for a full spirit               £650 per house

               release and negative energy clearing and healing for homes,                                 - Up to 4-5 beds

               businesses, buildings and land. Includes history report, energy dowsing

               map and follow-up report and advice.

             Larger premises may require a larger team and Spiritus Exit are                    £1000 - 1200+

              able to provide experienced and trustworthy psychic healers to complete

              the task professionally and efficiently.

              Country Estates: price on application.                                                                              £poa