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Paranormal Disturbances?

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Frightened Children?

Life and Relationships in Chaos?

Can't Sell Your Home?

Just Moved In but the House Doesn't Feel Right?

Business not Booming & Employees Quarrelling?

Buying a House

We aim to bring peace between our worlds so that your life can return to normal. We will really listen to you and give an honest appraisal of what we feel is wrong and what we can do about it. Residents at the property may also need personal healing help if they are affected by psychic attachments.

There are many layers to the paranormal world, some are easy to negotiate with and others are very difficult. However, despite our down to earth career backgrounds, we at Spiritus Exit have learned to recognise and accept the existence of the Spirit Realm and the need to heal any difficulties when our two worlds collide. Because of our experience we have a healthy respect for the more difficult aspects of a haunting but our knowledge is also our strength. 

When entering a property we will take into account all possibilities, including the health of the clients living there, the history of the site (which we research beforehand and include in your final report), as well as the series of paranormal events that are of such concern. 


Spiritus Exit is a partnership of two highly experienced

Spiritual and Psychic Healers ~ Jane Butterworth and Liz Taylor.

They work in other fields of spiritual and paranormal work but found themselves to be extremely effective together when called to clear serious paranormal disturbances in private homes and businesses. Jane founded Spiritus Exit after 30 years in the business when she realised the need for a team to tackle increasingly difficult and complicated psychic problems. Other trusted and experienced Spirit Release or Soul Rescue practitioners are called upon when a larger team is needed.


Together Liz and Jane are able to clearly identify exactly what the paranormal disturbance is, negotiate with it and clear and heal the site affected to prevent further intrusion. Their approach is highly professional, completely discreet and thorough. All team members are grounded, friendly, sensible and entirely different from the image and behaviour you may have observed on some television programs. 

Spiritus Exit can attend anywhere in the UK but please be aware we are based in the south of England in Surrey and (as is the usual case) will ask for basic travel or overnight expenses for long-distance enquiries. Costs and further details can be found on the Fees page under the Appointments Info tab.

Our personal statement:

Although English law requires us to declare that all psychic work is "for entertainment purposes only" we take our work very seriously and accept the responsibility that's needed to ensure clients receive an experienced and excellent service. And if you might think your story may not be believed, we have too much evidence not to believe you. And we love our work too!








From Nursing to going straight into Spiritual Healing, Jane has also trained in Crystal, Sound and Soul Rescue Healing amongst other complementary health subjects. She now focusses on this deep and profound form of therapy and is well known for her work as a Spiritual Health Practitioner, psychic, writer and teacher and also retails goods as The Pendragon Store.

Speciality areas are: spiritual and psychic development, self-healing meditation, deep stress removal, ancestral and past life clearing, Soul Rescue of homes, people and business premises and Spiritual Guidance Readings. She was made Secretary of the Soul Rescue Society and is one of the few people in the UK awarded the Advanced Certificate for Soul Rescue Healing. Promoting the professional face of energy and spiritual healing and complementary therapies, she is a Trustee and the Chair of the CHO. Personal interests include archaeology, local history, gardening, Pilates and music.


From the Police force and then working in the City of London, Liz went on to develop marketing and training skills for national institutions and headed the office of a major recruitment company. Psychic since she was born, her interest deepened as she observed things during her two different careers which provided a rich training ground to understanding people, energies and atmospheres. Specialist training has enhanced and strengthened her clairvoyant skills and she is a fine Medium and Psychic. Available for Readings which may also involve energy healing if such a problem is highlighted, she also runs W.H.I.T.E. - "What Happens In The End?" giving spiritual and healing support to terminally ill patients and their families.

The Reality of Ghost Busting!

Our work is popularly known as "ghost busting" and the media perception is that someone is called in to confirm the existence of a haunting - but there is so much more to it! We don't just identify but thoroughly clear the paranormal problem, so that your home or business can return to normal. We work spiritually, so aim to create a peaceful resolution between the owners of a property and the Spirit Realm that is in conflict there. We can usually do this in one visit but occasionally we will discover long-term problems that have built up over several centuries and the site your property sits on is as much to blame as your building. If so, a second visit may be required to complete the job and heal the spiritual and psychic rift once and for all. Sadly some properties will have permanent problems and we will advise our clients if we discover this. This happens when an area is deeply blighted in some way and we will need to make occasional repeat visits if occupants are still troubled by such difficulties.

Further details can be found on the Soul Rescue Healing page under the Appointments Info tab.

Jane is based near Sherborne, Dorset and Liz is based near Guildford, Surrey.


So, please remember....Life doesn't have to be a haunting experience!

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