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Spiritual Health

Jane’s ongoing guidance and the self-help tools she taught me gave me the strength to pick up the pieces and charge ahead. I now have self pride and appreciation for my inner strength, a happy marriage, a son of my own and a successful career. I truly believe that had Jane not come into my life that I wouldn’t be where I am now. 

Elaine, London

I have known Jane for over a decade. During this time I have visited her for Healing and Readings, and attended her regular meditation classes. Jane is a consummate professional in whom I have absolute trust. I value her wisdom, her compassion, and her enduring commitment to providing support in an objective way to enable my spiritual growth. Every contact with her is joyful and I have derived enormous benefit from every interaction with Jane over the years.

Deborah, Surrey.

I have been visiting Jane for Spiritual Readings and Healing for several years now and I would highly recommend her as the 'go to' for Spiritual Health, especially when I needed guidance to move forward in my life and let go of attachments that were not for my highest good. I now attend Jane's Pendragon Group workshop as I try to lead a healthy spiritual life.

Keri, Horny-Pants Bamboo Underwear for Men, Surrey.

I have visited Jane several times over the years. My first visit was a few months after I lost my mum unexpectedly in 2016 for Crystal Healing.To note I had never had healing before and did not know what to expect. Jane was incredibly gentle with me and surrounded me with crystals and, for want of a better word, "performed" the healing. I left still obviously grieving but feeling lighter and knowing I would get through this difficult time.  I would seriously recommend this to all who are suffering self doubt, grief or even overwhelmed with the world we are living in today.

I have to say whatever you see Jane for you come out feeling calmer and focused.  I have always said Jane is, for me, an Earth Angel and seems to make everything a little bit better ❤️

Debbie Hart, Kent.

A note to say how wonderful Jane has been to myself and my husband. We have both had healing sessions with her and they have really helped.

Hayley, Cobham, Surrey

Over the years she has also treated me several times for Healing and each time, it has helped me grow and move forward in whichever way I have needed at that time. She is a lovely empathic supportive soul.

Ali, Scotland.

Jane is one great lady to visit for Readings, for Healing and for learning about how to develop your own psychic tools and abilities giving you confidence in yourself to navigate your own path in life.  Jane's Healing sessions are hugely beneficial for shifting stuck patterns and for releasing thoughts and worries that are no longer needed.  I have walked out after seeing Jane before, feeling quite literally lighter and 150% more positive about the future then when I arrived and this has lasted for days afterwards.  I would recommend a visit to Jane to anyone. It is a great step along your life's path, helping you towards helping yourself find peace and courage to move forward through the ups and downs that life has to offer.

Rebecca, Guildford, Surrey

I have now been visiting Jane for many years, taking part in the Pendragon Group and having Healing and Readings with her.  Jane is a kind, caring person with an amazing depth of spiritual and psychic knowledge.  Jane’s incredible gifts have helped me journey through my own life challenges and helped me on many levels.  I wholeheartedly trust in her skills and abilities.

Jacqui, Berkshire

I have been twice to Jane, once for Healing and once for a Reading. Jane is very intuitive when it comes to knowing what crystals to use. After my Healing I felt absolutely wonderful and very calm and relaxed. Jane is a lovely caring person and she makes you feel so at ease immediately you meet her. Unfortunately Jane has moved back to Surrey, so I can’t go regularly, but we do keep in touch, and I will be making my way up there to see her specially.

Sara Payne, Dorset .

House Healing

Jane, and her team as was necessary, have worked wonders on my house and the surrounding land to bring us a peaceful place in which to live once more.  Her knowledge and expertise is beyond anything you could even imagine and we trust her implicitly. 

Jules, New Forest, Hampshire

In addition she and a colleague undertook healing on our home 3 years ago to restore its spiritual balance. 

Jane is a consummate professional in whom I have absolute trust.

Deborah, Surrey

We also had Jane help our house. It had a very strange energy when we bought it but Jane came and spent a day at the house and it was transformed with anything negative being lifted and we saw some dramatic changes all for the better. Would definitely recommend Jane for personal and house healing.

Hayley, Cobham, Surrey

Jane helped me hugely when I was pondering a house purchase. The house in question had been neglected for many years and needed updating. I could see it’s potential, in a quiet spot , not overlooked, facing south and a lovely garden. I was keen to take it on but had reservations after an internal tour, something didn’t quite feel right. I sent Jane the details and swiftly received her survey report. Jane picked up there was a lot of sadness in one of the rooms , which had possibly been an area of conflict. She also found a couple of restless souls wondering around, as well as potentially unfriendly neighbours. I learnt subsequently that one of the previous occupants had been in an unhappy relationship with her partner and had committed suicide. Jane gave advice on how the house could be healed and cleared but I decided not to proceed and several months later found a much better home that was meant for me.

Jane, Dorking, Surrey

best psychic healer clairvoyant
best psychic healer clairvoyant

Don't be the seaweed in the water, be the tide that moves powerfully to the shore.

best psychic healer clairvoyant

Pain forces transformation. Transformation forces awakening.

Awakening forces healing. Healing forces freedom.

"May the Force be with you!"

(Fors is also Old Norse for waterfall)

best psychic healer clairvoyant

If you don't climb the mountain, you won't see the view. Life isn't easy but it is worth the effort -

and if a goat can do it....

best psychic healer clairvoyant

Peace is difficult to achieve when you don't know

where to begin.


Jane, and her Readings and guidance, no doubt changed the world I was living in and in turn, the path of my future. I can’t put it more simply than this, Jane changed my life.  Through Jane’s Readings she was the first person that actually verbalised and acknowledged the challenging childhood I had had. That provided me with the outlet to grieve the safe and secure childhood I believed I had been deprived of for so many years. Her honest and supportive guidance also ensured that I didn’t stay there and wallow in self pity for longer than was required.

I remember one sentence from her that was instrumental in my transformation.....  "how does it feel to have relived the pain of your childhood for longer than you actually lived it?" It was the biggest wake up call of my life and from that day onwards I started to look forward more than I was looking back.

Elaine, London

I have also had Readings in 2017 and 2018 with Jane and can honestly say no-one has ever been more accurate.  Jane reads for the year ahead and also records the Reading for you.  I haven't been this year as yet but am in need of some clarity and am seeing her again next week.

Debbie Hart, Kent.

I have had Readings with Jane for years. She is a fabulous reader and I would highly recommend. 

Louise, The Sunshine Clinic, Send, Surrey

I have been having Readings from Jane for about 15 years. She is consistently accurate, authentic, honest, reliable and compassionate.

Ali, Scotland

I have had several Readings with Jane over the last 10 years and they have always been SO helpful. The Reading is recorded and it’s fascinating to listen to it a couple of years down the line  - it’s then you can really appreciate the gift Jane has at predicting events before they happen.


Jane is one great lady to visit for Readings, for Healing and for learning about how to develop your own psychic tools and abilities giving you confidence in yourself to navigate your own path in life. I have found Jane's Readings really helpful for guidance on tricky life situations, for reassurance and hope about the future and in reinforcing the power each individual has in taking control of where they wish their life to go.  Signposts to difficult months coming up, for months where to conserve energy and when to steam ahead are really helpful but so much more than that is the confidence Jane instils within you to keep focusing on where you wish to go and to know that it is up to you to make it happen.

Rebecca, Guildford, Surrey

My Reading was very interesting, and I’m still referring back to it now, am amazed at how accurate she has been. Jane is a lovely caring person and she makes you feel so at ease immediately you meet her. 

Sara Payne, Dorset .

Jane’s readings are thorough and spot on. Jane helped me to see where I was now in my career, the choices I could make and the best way to achieve them. On my last reading Jane touched on some of my past lives and how they impact on my present life, which was fascinating. I came away feeling optimistic and re-energised.

Jane, Dorking, Surrey

best psychic healer clairvoyant

Truth looks through

a different lens

best psychic healer clairvoyant

The future is fluid, not fixed, with a myriad of possibilities. It can be daunting and sometimes

you just need a bit of Guidance to navigate the best way forward.


Jane's workshops, retreats and personal sessions are incredibly professional, empowering and invaluable.   

Jules, New Forest, Hampshire

Wonderful Spiritual Person ~

I have known Jane for over 20 years. I have attended her spiritual development classes, where I have had much gentle encouragement to improve my skills and bought many crystals from her as a result. Jane is kind and thoughtful and takes time to explain everything in clear terms. There is no pressure selling of her products but is always willing to offer advice should you require it. Jane is extremely conscientious and trustworthy and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Sue, Guildford, Surrey

I attended Jane's psychic/spiritual development classes & found her to be an excellent teacher: warm, grounded, knowledgeable & responsible. The classes were fun & profound & I would recommend her to anybody.

Alison Pollock, Bramley, Surrey

best psychic healer clairvoyant

Learning comes from the pupil, not the teacher. The teacher has the key to the door but the pupil still has to open it.

Jane is one great lady to visit...for learning about how to develop your own psychic tools and abilities giving you confidence in yourself to navigate your own path in life.

Rebecca, Guildford, Surrey

Jane Butterworth: Spiritual Health Practitioner Healer

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