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This is the practice of a Healer channelling high vibrational healing energy into the Subtle Energy system of someone’s body and Aura. For Jane this comes via her hands, body and voice, as a non-touch technique, where the spiritual energy healing works throughout your system, clearing negative areas, releasing stress, dissolving old energy patterns and restoring your energies of mind, body, spirit and emotion. Therefore this is an entirely holistic process that wonderfully complements all other therapies and medical practices.
Your whole energy system is brought into a state of balance which gives your mind and body a chance to heal yourself, whether the problems are physical or psychological. 
Best for general release of stress and balancing out after traumas and upsets. Very grounding, an essential need when thrown by life’s challenges, such as during health crises, recovery after illness, relationship dramas, serious decision making, bereavement and loss, self-confidence issues, bullying etc.
Some healing appointments can be done via an online appointment, especially visualisation work and self-healing meditations.

For general information on energy healing see main Appointment Info tab.

N.B. None of Jane's therapies require you to undress. However, unless this is uncomfortable for you, you will be invited to rest on a therapy couch, under a warm blanket.

Northern Lights
Spiritual Healing Light
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