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Spiritual Psychic Development

The Pendragon Group

Spiritual & Psychic Development

Visualisation Meditations
Self-Healing Exercises
From the Practical to the Profound:
Safe & Grounded Teaching  
All Aspects Covered

ENQUIRIES ONLY - no places available at present

The content has now been simplified to fit within the time frame and the limitations of working safely online. Includes a deep self-healing/visualisation and/or psychic/spiritual alignment meditation, followed by teaching and discussion, or any subject requested by arrangement with the Group. However the main focus is now on psychic perception work, such as Mediumship, divination, channelling etc. But all classes are tailored to the Group's needs as appropriate.
As there is only one meeting per month, regular commitment is required to keep the Group energy strong and productive and, most importantly, supportive towards everyone else. Great care is taken to ensure psychic safety and spiritual integrity.

Suitable for all levels except beginners.

Booking and payment by bank transfer at least 48hrs in advance please.
Sadly no refund for last minute cancellations or no shows.

1st Thursday evening of each month
Zoom Doors Open: 7pm
Time 7.15pm ~ 9.15pm
Cost: £15 per evening

Spiritual Psychic Development

THE PENDRAGON GROUP began in Surrey 30 years ago and has acted as a sound foundation and springboard for so many seekers, as well as developing many future psychics, healers and teachers. At present it is a monthly online Group but an in person group will be considered if local interest is shown. Jane lives near Sherborne on the Somerset/Dorset border.
Everywhere you go you will find new teachings to open you as well as challenge you. It is important to remember that all experiences are a part of the learning and we learn from each other, not just from the teacher. This is the essence of a good supportive group and all groups and workshops aim to provide a cheerful, friendly environment, to study and experience all aspects of spiritual and psychic development.

We cover all areas of knowledge and frequently use crystals and divination cards, as well as other tools and methods, to stretch open your natural intuition, psychic senses and correct your spiritual alignment - with the added bonus of helping your present incarnation become more grounded, protected and 'safe'. Protection, safety, grounding, Spirit Guides & Totems, Elementals & Angels, visualisation meditation, self-healing, clairvoyance, Mediumship and channelling are regular themes in between one-off s
piritually inspired teaching sessions by Jane, when suggested by her Guides. Jane takes her teaching commitments very seriously and prepares every class thoroughly to ensure safety and enjoyment for everyone.

Visualisation Meditation and self-healing techniques play a strong part in development work, as much as alignment to the highest and purest vibrational levels of the Spirit Realm and to the kingdoms of the Earth. We now include a dedication for world peace following recent events, including sending healing to both Ukraine and Russia and to Israel and Palestine.

The evenings are run as open groups, which means you do not have to commit to coming to every meeting, but please note: if your attendance becomes sporadic then you will be asked to let go of your membership to allow others to join. However, those who do come regularly can be seen to progress quickly with their psychic skills and spiritual gifts and soon find that their abilities can be used effectively and usefully in everyday life. Spiritual & Psychic Development should not be seen as something just to train up psychics, clairvoyants and healers, but as a very useful learning process to enhance ordinary skills, concentration and common sense. People find they can approach their day jobs with much more efficiency and cope with stresses with strength and greater resilience. This has never been more important than during the recent years of global challenges.

Newcomers are very welcome to try out the Group without obligation. Please get in touch via the Contact tab.

Our venue for live groups and future Workshops will be near Sherborne, Dorset.

PRIVATE TUITION is available, as well as occasional WORKSHOPS.

There are also HOUSE HEALING TEACHING EVENTS in real homes needing psychic clearing and ghost busting! These are one or two day workshops and are held during the day with no night vigils (the Spirit world does not just come out at night!). If these appeal please email Jane to add your name to the special mailing list, to be informed of the next ones coming up. Also see the information via the Spiritus Exit tab to give you more of an idea about this specialised area of spiritual and psychic work. Spiritus Exit is one of the very few organisations in the UK to offer teaching and professional experience in this field.

Spiritual Psychic Development
Spiritual Psychic Development
Spiritual Psychic Development
Spiritual Psychic Development
Crystal Healing

For further information and application to join: 

No places available - general enquiries only

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