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Satin      ~ plain small £1.25

               ~ plain medium £1.75

               ~ patterned large for Tarot or Crystals - mythic or symbols £13

Organza ~ rainbow colours - small 75p

                                               - medium £1.25

Blue Velvet ~ 



Jane's personally Channelled Guide to the spiritual and psychic qualities of crystals. This began as an information book for collectors to keep a record of crystals bought, therefore it is words only but each entry has a good description of the physical characteristics of each crystal. A4 sized with a smart, photographic, colour cover, over 150 crystals are featured. Information pages are also included with advice on using crystals and cleansing methods and looking after your crystal collection eg: which crystals lose their colours in the sun, which hate salt and water etc.

£12     Special offer: Free for orders £75 or more!


Personal Self-Healing - 20 crystals in satin bag, plus information sheet

Spiritual & Psychic Development - 16 specialist crystals in satin bag,

                                                            plus information sheet

Rainbow Tumblestone Crystal Pot Pourri

Oracle Cards

All these are used at the Pendragon Group:

The Original ANGEL CARDS & BOOK SET (original to Findhorn)       - £19

The 72 famous little cards, sturdy box for storage, stickers, special expanded edition with Angel Cards book, since its origins at Findhorn.     

3 in stock -now £13

Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild                                                   - £17

44 cards in sturdy box. Very Heart centred approach to answering questions on a deeply emotional level with the Goddess Kuan Yin answering you with very loving advice. Fabulous artwork too, each card depicts an aspect of the healing and spiritual qualities of this Divine Feminine Goddess of Compassion.

2 in stock - now £12

Crystal Sphere Stands

Clear Acrylic ~ cone 2cm top width, 3.2cm base width - £1.25

                       ~ 4cm ring, 1.2cm height - 75p

                       ~        "         2.4cm height - £1.25

Wood rings - 2cm, 3cm, 4cm.

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Kuan Yin Cards.jpg